Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cast of Characters - Part One

Remember I said that life is full of characters and this farm is no exception? Well, I think it's time to begin the introductions.  I'll start with the animals since that's what the farm is all about in the first place.  Since I have a "display name" they all decided they wanted "display names" too. I wonder if they'll be getting agents and contracts? I hope not!

The Dogs

Spot is a nearly 13 year old Dalmatian-Great Dane mix. Basically he looks like a really big Dalmatian.  Spot is my soul mate. You've heard the saying, "Love me, love my dog" ? In our case it's true.  Spot goes every where with me.  We're probably co-dependent but we're ok with that.  Spot came into my life six years ago. Three weeks later I had a major riding accident that came about a quarter inch from killing me.  When I came home from the hospital, he never left my side and it's been that way ever since.

Killer is a 4 year old Chow-Irish Setter mix. Think Irish Setter body, Chow tail.  It works out though, he's very cute.  Killer's primary job is a guard dog at the farm.  He throws them off with his cuteness and then he moves in for the kill.  He is a top notch guard dog and must be socialized to individuals that I don't want him to eat for lunch.

Coffee is a 4 year old Chow-Labrador Retriever mix. Think Lab with tail curled over back like a Chow.  Coffee is Killer's sister. They are litter mates though it's hard to believe looking at them. Their mother got around, apparently.  Coffee's primary job is a guard dog at the farm.  Her Chow instincts really kick in when strangers are around...with the exception of a friend of mine who is a Ranger. Upon his return from Afghanistan, he came to visit. I'd prepared him to meet the dogs just as I do with everyone I don't want them to eat for lunch.  Don't look them directly in the eyes. Don't touch them. Let them sniff you.  The regular drill. So, I let Coffee in and what does she do? She jumps directly in his lap!  When I told her she was losing her edge, she responded, "Well, I knew I couldn't beat him, so I joined him."

Ok, that gets us started on the animal characters.  I have to go clean stalls now.  I'll fill you in on more of my animal family a little later.  Have a good morning!

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