Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cast of Characters - Part Two

I've finished the morning chores here at the farm. I'm flying solo today. I enjoy being alone here sometimes, but usually after a day of doing my job and my staff's jobs, I'm ready for the crew to come back to work.  Fortunately, I'm never really alone at the farm because my animals are always here. So, let me work on introducing you to some more of them.

The Cats

Sasha is a 12 year old, almost 13, fluffy, expensive, registered cat. She's the most expensive barn cat I've ever heard of. How'd Sasha end-up being my barn cat? She was voted off the island! Let me explain. Sasha is a retired breeding cat. As a result, she loves the smell of male pheromones. This means she has no use for me.  She was my ex-husband's cat. He didn't take her with him. I wish he had. She wishes he had, too. She says he smells better than's the pheromones.  Almost a year ago, Sasha decided she would stop using the litter box and start peeing directly on my antique hand-woven rugs.  After four months of this and a trip to the vet to make sure there wasn't some underlying medical condition, I was ready to send her on to the Big Sleep. Doc, my small animal vet, was willing to do this if it's what I really wanted because, "I know what kind of owner you are. I wouldn't do this for someone off the street. Are you sure this is what you want?" Well, what were my other options? He suggested I put her outside.  Really? Yes, he said she'd regain her cat instincts, start grooming herself again, and become a better cat.  I gave it a try. It worked! Well, after her nearly successful suicide attempt it worked. I'll tell you that story later. Now, Sasha grooms herself again, she's happy to see me, she catches mice, she's a decent cat! She still loves all men and is a shameless flirt with all of the dads of my lesson students. I try to send her home with them, but so far, no luck.

Pete is a black and white tuxedo cat. He showed-up in my backyard as a scared kitten 15 years ago and we're still together.  Doc, my small animal vet, thinks Pete is in such good shape that he looks no older than 8 or 9.  Doc pronounced Pete a "fine specimen" recently.  Pete is proud to say this is with no Botox and no cosmetic surgery.  He's just naturally handsome and youthful.  He's a great cat. He likes to sit on the arm of the loveseat beside me each night and watch tv. The dogs don't really exist in Pete's world.

Sinatra is an 8 year old registered Ragdoll cat. Yes, it's a real breed. He's blue-gray, fluffy, blue eyes--no he's not deaf--but, hence the name. He reminds me of Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, himself. Sinatra is the King of the World, just ask him.  He wears a collar with crowns and septers on it just to prove his point. He is a wonderfully good natured cat. He's kind of like a dog, actually, in that he doesn't have that cat aloof thing going on.  He makes a Sinatra lover out of non-cat lovers. He has his "public." He's been to Saks Fifth Avenue, seriously. I'll see if he'll tell you that story one day.

Harlow is a 7 year old Siamese that was given to me as a rescued 6 week old kitten from a really bad county pound. Harlow is a mystery. She has enough aloof going on for a dozen cats.  She has a really profound crush on Spot and has for years. She wraps herself around his legs. She walks under him. She looks up at him adoringly. Spot doesn't care. Harlow is not on Spot's radar, yet she doesn't give up. Spot, sadly for Harlow, only has eyes for me. He is totally and completely devoted to me and Harlow just thinks she'll eventually wear him down. As aloof as Harlow is, lately she's been getting in my lap and wanting a lot of attention. I have no idea what she's up to.  Is she trying to kidnap me and sell me into the human traffikking trade that we hear is such a problem? I don't know. I'll keep you informed.

The Rabbit

Bun-Bun is a 1 1/2 year old mini-lop. He's one of those cute rabbits with the floppy ears. He weighs about 5 lbs. He's a fancy registered rabbit with a long pedigree and a very successful brother in show circles. Bun-Bun and I can't decide if he really wants to get in the show ring even though he has the pedigree and the conformation for it. For now, we're keeping his options open.  I ended-up with Bun-Bun for $25.00 when the lady who had "reserved" him got pancreatic cancer.  That's what they do in show bunny circles. When a breeder gets a bunny of show caliber in a litter, people "reserve" them to buy when they are weaned.  So, Bun-Bun was a good deal financially as show bunnies go for $75 - $100. I was grieving the death of my first and most precious bunny Edward Hopper--after the American artist--and they looked a little alike comes Bun-Bun home to the farm.  Bun-Bun lives in his hutch in the barn. He's one of the most socialized bunnies ever. Bunnies tend to be easily frightened to the point of literally being able to be scared to death.  Living in the barn with Killer, Coffee, Sasha, and the horses, Bun-Bun is very confident and nothing scares him.  He loves to visit with people. He loves to be petted. He's very sweet.  Coffee visits him every morning and thinks he's her puppy. Yes, really.

Ok, I've gotta start taking down the Christmas decorations inside. What the public sees outside has been taken down.  My own personal decorations never seem to get put away until sometime around Martin Luther King Day.  I have no idea why...could it be that the farm is more than a full time job? Probably so. And, now I've decided to add a blog to pacify all those folks who want me to write a book? What was I thinking?

I'll try to do one more post today to finish the animal introductions and get to the big ones, the ones who are the cause for the farm in the first place...THE HORSES.

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