Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loose Ends

Good evening, folks.  Just want to tie up a few loose ends.  Yes, the Christmas tree and all the indoor decorations are finally put away.  I know this is a new record for how late they stayed up. Woohooo!

Second, geez, I need an editor!!! Every time I look back at the blog I find more misspellings and typos.  Good grief.  I guess you guys are able to translate what I mean because according to the stats, people are still reading.  I'm sorry, I think it's all of those interruptions and the dyslexia and my own mid-stream editing of my thoughts.  Hopefully it gets better.

Apparently no one really cared for the serious essay on Monday.  Readership went down.  I'm almost afraid to try one more to answer my own question in that first one.  I'm afraid it'll kill readership all together.  Please post your comments and let me know what you want.  Any serious essays or just funny stories from the farm?  It's ok to not want the essays.  I can take it.  I've been eating nails to toughen up again.

My mother giggled about Bun-Bun and his sling shot and also swore it was true because she's been here for it.  My dad laughed out loud when he read it.  He's not the laugh out loud type, so I think that was a good one.

Looks like at least a few people who don't know me are reading this.  I've got readers in Canada and Japan according to the stats.  Hello Canada! Hello Japan! Thanks so much for reading!!!!  My Belize reader, I'm pretty sure I know who you are...hi, friend!  Thanks to you, too! Thanks to everyone!

I'll get back on the farm stories tomorrow.  Looking forward to the warm-up for the weekend.

Good night everyone.  Sleep tight.  Thanks for reading.

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