Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The People Around Us

Hey Guys.  I thought I'd write you a quick post while I have a minute.  Things are promising to rev-up this afternoon.  Dod is coming in and that means more peer modeling for Rose.  There are of course lessons, too.  I really like both kids coming in this afternoon.  I may even get to ride Speakeasy with one of them.  Woohoo! A kid with some control of her own lesson horse!

Then, the last appointment of the day is this doctoral student from the University coming to pick-up a load of manure.  He's nice enough but he's a doctoral student.  They are overly impressed with themselves.  My mother "The Velvet Hammer" rarely hired people with doctorates because she said they were invariably prima donnas and not team players. She was a partner in the company that is the largest provider of services to people with developmental disabilities in the US.  She got to see a lot of PhDs, so I trust her judgment on that one.  What the heck, the guy is paying for a load of poop, so I can handle him.

I've already been to the feed store, the pet food store, the pharmacy, and handled Chief and Tar this morning, not to mention Rose.  I'm actually going to be able to escape long enough to have lunch with my friend, Harry.  He's my sushi buddy.  I don't know many folks who like sushi and I am a late in life convert.  Harry and I dated for about a minute and a half after my divorce.  He's the size of an NFL linebacker.  He's in a very profitable end of the automotive business, but an area of that business that requires more gruff than grins.  He's not in sales, well, kind'a but not really.  He's in finance.  He finances car dealers.

Harry is my version of Hugh Hefner.  He keeps at least two girlfriends going at a time and they all know about each other .  Now, when we dated, I said that wasn't an option for me.  I'm an exclusive kind'a girl.  So, Harry put the rest on hiatus for our very brief relationship--yes, I'm sure.  Turns out Harry needs a lot of attention.  I'm not good at giving a lot of attention.  I have the farm and I'm not a good lap dog.  Although there were some good aspects of our relationship, we weren't good at the every day stuff.  We had the most civil break-up known to mankind.  It allowed us to have a year long cooling off period to let any old feelings of romance die down, and then become really really good friends.

Harry and I are very good at friendship.  Bart and I are very good at the relationship stuff and, the every day stuff especially.  Bart and I are much better together than Harry and I could have ever hoped to be.  Yes, they've met, several times.  We all actually went out for drinks at least once when we were looking for a new girlfriend for Harry.  It was a group effort.  We were unsuccessful.  There's no jealousy between them.  We all agree Bart and I are better together.  Just wanted to clear that up for you.  Yes, exes can be friends without benefits, but it requires a really mature break-up and cooling off period.

Harry is one of those people in my life who will do absolutely anything for me.  He will help me in any way possible without expectation of anything but friendship in return.  He even came to bury one of my pet rabbits late on a rainy night when Bart was out of town.  He's rescued me from many automotive situations.  He's a scarey seeming guy with a heart of gold.  I am very lucky he's in my life.

Also passing through my life today is Terry.  Terry is our family assistant and has been with us for at least 20 years.  What's a family assistant?  Someone who does what needs doing from housework to yard work to sitting with the sick and driving the elderly to appointments.  One day early in my horrific divorce, I walked out on my porch and saw Terry in my flower bed planting begonias.  She said, "I knew you were sad, so I thought these might make you smile."

Terry's lost two of her sons to murder in the past few years. No, it wasn't gang related.  I hate it when people make that assumption.  One murder is unsolved, though we suspect a former girlfriend of her son's. One murder was related to domestic violence.  Yet, Terry gets up every day, raises her granddaughter and takes care of other people's families.  She never makes excuses.  She's kind and often funny.  She raises the standard for all of us who think we've got it tough.  Ha! When you look at what she's been through, we don't have it hard, folks.  Yet, she keeps going with a pretty darn positive attitude.

I also have two friends dealing with cancer.  I just called one.  His girlfriend answered and said he's taking a chemo treatment right now.  He's asleep in the chemo lounge.  Another friend is on her way to a prestigious medical center today to get a second opinion on her cancer that has now metastasized to her bones.  It's her third bout of cancer in two years.  She's young.  She's 42.  My other friend is 54.  You just don't expect this stuff.

It reminds me to be thankful for the people around me because no matter how young and healthy they are, they can be gone tomorrow.  It reminds me how lucky I am, no matter what's bothering me today, that I don't have their battles to fight.  All of us--as tough as we think we are, we aren't as tough as those people around us who fight much bigger fights.  On that very serious thought, I'm going to have sushi with Harry and enjoy a few laughs.  I'm so thankful to have him and all of the folks in my life.

Have a good day.  Thanks for reading.  I don't have time to proof read this.  Translate any errors into something that makes sense, please.

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