Friday, March 25, 2011

Briefly, For Your Amusement

I was just regaling Rose with a story or two to start her day.  She's been driving me crazy this week.  It's a combination of her being tired and me being tired, I think.  So, I gave her coffee this morning, suggested she take a lunch hour, and told her a few funny tales to start her day off of which will start your day off right on Monday!  Just giving you something to look forward to.

After these tales, she said, "You should write these down."

I smiled and replied, "I am."

Oh, Rose, Rose, Rose.  Consider that I am writing my stories down and think about what you say, dear.  Maybe that's her lesson of the day?

No, the herd of Christians doesn't know about the blog.  If pressed, I'll say I'm writing a book.  They always respond, "You should!"  Remember this folks when the blog becomes a book...or a movie, as some have suggested!  Buy lots of copies and lots of tickets should that happen!

And, remember, I am always writing it down!  I'll change the names though, just to leave you some dignity.

Have a good Friday!

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