Friday, March 4, 2011


May I please clarify that I DID NOT ASK to be in my school pageant when I was 3 years old. I WAS ASKED to be in it.

Rather my mother WAS ASKED by my teacher to put me in the pageant. I had nothing to do with the idea. I just screwed up the invitation with my cocky little 3 year old answer!

Apparently, my teacher thought I was a cute, sweet little bugger who would not kick the winner. Little did she know! Had her fooled, didn't I!

Then, as now, I was completely unaware of my looks.Just put me on a horse or a boat and I was happy. I didn't give a rip about how I looked to others. I was not a froo froo little girl.

I did get creative with my wardrobe-- for my own edification-- but not for others. I came up with such bad outfits as a child that my father referred to them as my "get ups."

It wasn't something he'd approve of me wearing to church. I assure you of that! A "get up" is such a bad outfit it should never really leave the house, in my dad's opinion.

In fact, a "get up" is so bad, he'd have preferred I changed immediately into something that didn't hurt his eyes so much. But, thankfully my mother encouraged my creative spirit and my "get ups" made it out of the house, but not to church, of course.

I did go through a period of life in my teens and 20s where I cared what others thought of my appearance. I was very critical of my appearance then--unlike before and unlike now. Thank God that passed because I'm a terrible critic when it comes to myself.

Now, my body is a tool on this farm. Does it work? Is it warm enough? Can it do what it needs to do? If so, then fine.  I don't really care how I look to others if my body does its job.

If you're coming here it's to learn about horses, not to see a beauty queen. That's a good thing because I never entered my first pageant. Why? Because I was such a nasty competitor even as a 3 year old!

Read the entry "Competition" if you haven't already. Then, this entry will make sense!

I just needed to make it clear I NEVER ASKED to be in a pageant! Besides, if it didn't have anything to do with horses or boats, why bother? I feel the same way now!!!

We'll get to my passion for boats another day, folks.Just like my passion for horses, if you haven't been up close and personal with me, my love of boats surprises you. So many people think they know me well, then they find out they don't know me that well at all.

There are people who didn't know I'd been riding nearly my entire life with a 36 year passion for horses. There are also people who don't know about my passion for boats. My love of boats is OLDER than my passion for horses! Boats are my first, pre-verbal love! Shocked, aren't you?!

See, fooled ya! You thought you knew, huh? Wink! I'll keep you on your toes! It's all in good fun, though. I'm just being myself. I have no other choice, really.

Thanks for reading. Good night.

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