Thursday, March 3, 2011

College Baseball, Baby!

College baseball season has begun!  Actually, the season began a couple of weeks ago, but this is my first taste this season.  Bart and I are heading out to a college baseball game tonight. 

Our local college, university rather, has an awesome team.  They've made numerous College World Series appearances, including being the College World Series Champions. Yeah, baby! It's an ass kickin' team if I do say so myself.

My dear Rose, early on in her time with us, said, "Baseball really isn't that big around here."  Cowgirl Slim got in the duck and cover position for that one.  I'm surprised she didn't yell, "Incoming!!!!"  She knew Rose was gonna get an ear full.

Rose is proof that regionalism is alive and well.  I'm going to break that girl of her assumptions before it's all over. Because darling, where ever you're from doesn't mean the world revolves around it--unless it's the sun!

I digress, but I am tempted to drag Rose to one of our games just to make her eat her words!  I won't do it though.  I couldn't waste these tickets on someone who isn't a devotee.

Bart and I are the beneficiaries of my dad's share of a season ticket split.  It's not that season tickets are so expensive, it's that these season tickets are the best of the best.  These tickets, in general terms, can't realistically be bought.

I mean, you  can buy them, but you'll be on a waiting list the better part of your adult life.  For tickets like these, the best you can do is buy a share of someone else's season tickets--who probably didn't finally get them until he was 60 or 70.

So, where are these magnificent seats?  Bart and I will be sitting in box seats on the first row slightly to the left of the catcher.  It's a perfect position to see the catcher, the batter, the ump and the pitcher.  We look straight down the First Base line.  Couldn't ask for better seats!  Can you tell I'm excited?  Just a little? 

My dad stays in this season ticket split primarily for my benefit, which I greatly appreciate.  He'll go to a game or maybe two each season.  It's not that he doesn't enjoy baseball, he loves it.  In fact, he asked me once if I thought there'd be baseball fields in Heaven.  But, Dad doesn't make it to a lot of games because he has some health problems that slow him down.  So, I know these tickets are mostly for me, Dad.  Thanks!

Bart loves baseball as well.  As far as major league ball goes, he's a Yankee's fan.  I was a Cardinals fan for a long time when I kept up with Major League Baseball.  Mark McGuire got me interested in MLB.

I saw a press conference where he was talking about his foundation for abused kids.  It made me stop and wonder, "What's this guy about?"  That's how I got hooked by baseball.  But, after McGuire retired and all of the steroid scandals, well, I've been more interested in college baseball.

Baseball games are a fun date for me and Bart.  We don't go on a lot of dates.  We spend a lot of our free time--rather his free time--working on the farm.  Otherwise, we're collapsed with the dogs and some movies.

But, in the Spring, we go out to the ballpark.  I put on make-up and my nice casual clothes like it's a real date night.  Well it is a real date night, I guess.  I always tease Bart that he's lucky he has a girlfriend who wants to go to a baseball game--not to mention a girlfriend who has excellent seats!

So, get a taste of Spring and head out to a college baseball game soon.  It's nice to see a game this time of year before it gets hot.  That's the other nice thing about college baseball, the season is over before it's sweltering!  There's more to life than the farm and tonight, it's baseball!

Thanks for reading!

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