Wednesday, March 2, 2011

International Readers

Hey everyone!  I'm noticing that my international readership is way up in the past week.  Wow!  Ukraine, Georgia, South Africa, Ireland, South Korea, the UK, Singapore, Japan.  Thanks so much for your interest, folks!  As always, thanks to my loyal US, Canada, and Belize readership.  It always makes me feel good to see someone besides my mother is reading.  Of course, Mom, thanks to you, too!

Everyone, have a nice night.  Time for this cowgirl to hit the sack.  I've got some good stories in store for you this week.  I promise they get more interesting as they go.  I never know how the blog entries will turn out each day, but it sufices to say I've already written stories to get you through Saturday.  I hope you continue to enjoy, my readers.

Thanks again!

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