Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Came In Like A Lion

Does any one remember the song from the musical Carousel that describes each month?  We sang it in high school chorus.  I remember a few verses.  I remember it said, "March went out like a lion a-whippin' up the waters in the bay."  Well, let me tell you, the other night March CAME IN like a lion!

What a storm we had that night.  There were reports of two tornadoes in a neighboring county.  The winds were fierce here.  Fortunately, the worst of it only lasted 15-20 minutes.  Then, there was some rain.  But, it was the winds that were most impressive.

Morning came at the farm and there was no wind damage, thank God, except to Tar's hay.  What the heck?  Remember this is the same hay that I was over wrought about a few weeks ago because it had gotten wet under a tarp and molded.  I canceled the lesson I had scheduled to attend to it.  Ruthie and I moved the hay from its neatly stacked rows out into three well spaced rows.  This will allow for it to dry, so hopefully it doesn't mold again.

Of course, the wind ripped the tarp, too.  Tarps cost more than you think.  The tarp that now has to be replaced cost $80.00.  I only bought it in September.  Money, money, money.  Drives me crazy.  My last round of tarps lasted five years.  This batch I bought in September will never last that long.  Between staff carelessness--by dear ol' airhead Mindy who's now gone--and the weather, these tarps are rapidly deteriorating.

The wind also spooks the horses.  It's one of the "unsung" joys of Spring.  Remember horses are prey animals.  And, remember, they like things to be the same.  So, when the Spring wind starts whipping around, watch out!  The horses spook on trees blowing, on tall grass blowing, on anything effected by the wind.

Let me tell you, it's a joy to teach beginners on horses ready to jump sideways at the first wind!  All those students who want to go faster, well, they are about to get their wish.  And, as my mentor RW says,"They all want to go faster til they do."

Wind...only good for flying kites and sailing boats.  Well, I'll give you wind turbines, too.  That's a good use of it.  But, around the farm, I don't look forward to windy days.

Good-bye from the farm for now.  Hope you don't blow away in these March winds!  Thanks for reading!

P.S. Yesterday I had 13 page views from South Korea.  Seriously, South Korea.  Hey South Korea!  Thanks for the readership!

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