Monday, March 14, 2011

More Signs of Spring

Good Monday morning, friends!  Well, ok, today is my day off.  So maybe my Monday is better than yours.  Don't get jealous.  Remember I work every Saturday, alternate Sundays, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter.  So, a Monday off is really, well, a small compensation. 

I was thinking the other night, that last week was really very Spring-like.  We were having such extremely warm weather at the end of February, I was getting worried about what that meant for Summer.  Remember, I work outside. 

When people say 90 degrees isn't that bad, well, that's because they are inside in the air conditioning.  The humidity in my state is legendary.  It may be only 90 degrees, but it's 95% humidity .. .giving you a heat index something like the outer circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno.  Or, so I'd imagine, having never been there myself.

Last week, we had college baseball games, of course.  We had a make-up game Tuesday night, with our state rival.  One game in our series had been rained out the weekend before.  Well, we won the series, meaning we won two out of the three games played.  Yes!  Remember my competitive nature?

Even better than beating our rival, we beat the team my former father-in-law played for.  He was quite the star.  He still holds a school record and a national record...50 years later.  Helluva player, I'll give him that.

Let me tell you, when you graduated from one college and your in-laws graduated from your school's arch rival, you relish beating that team even more.  My in-laws were rabid fans. 

Remember folks, I've been divorced a while now.  I don't see any of those people any more.  But, I still really enjoy it when my team beats their team.  Ha ha!  Take that!  See, I really do need a Competitiveness 12 Step Group.

But, being Spring, the college baseball game that I had tickets to last week got rained out.  Boo hoo!  Remember, we're in on a season ticket split for really top notch seats.  Dad has the Wednesday night games, for the most part.  This means, I have the Wednesday night games, too.

Last Wednesday night, you would have thought we were all going to get blown away like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  Spring and Summer in my area of the country mean big thunderstorms and, unfortunately, more than one tornado a season.  The meteorologists don't help the situation.  They've become hysterical with too much forecasting equipment.

I'm afraid I scared Rose to death when she said she was going to stay with a friend in a mobile home that night.  No!!!!!  Don't stay in any non-permanent structures in a tornado, or if a tornado might show up.  Especially don't stay in a mobile home on the night of a tornado on purpose!  That's a death wish!  Take your friend and her kids to your apartment.  It's safer.  Nope, off Rose went. 

Turns out the friend only lives four miles from the farm.  I told Rose if it got bad to come back over here.  If I had my druthers during a tornado, I'd be at my house in town.  It's much better built than the people barn.  The people barn is workable, but I wouldn't call it structurally superior.  Plus, the safest interior room in which to take cover, is a half bathroom--you know, only room for a toilet and a sink.

I'm rather glad I didn't have to squeeze into that closet sized room with my three dogs, four cats, a rabbit, Rose, her friend, and her friend's baby and toddler.  That would have made me run out into the storm screaming.

I'm somewhat of a claustrophobic touch me not.  Oops! I'm  probably not the best person to take cover with in small quarters in a storm.

We were having 22 mph winds all afternoon with no thunderstorms.  I was starting to believe the meteorologists were right!  Rose is from an area of the US that doesn't get tornadoes because it's too cold there.  You have to have warm air for tornadoes.  Welcome to a new world, Rose.

So, of course, there'd be no college baseball game in a thunderstorm or tornado weather.  It was cancelled hours ahead of time.  I still haven't figured out when the game is rescheduled.  There's always another game though.  That's the great thing about baseball, lots of games.

And, in the Spring, the weather plays games with you, too.  By Friday night, just in time to start another weekend series, it was down to freezing again.  That's Spring for you, absolutely!

By-the-way, there were no tornadoes. Since we brought the horses in to protect them from the lightning, there was only heavy rain.  No thunderstorm.  Damn meteorologists!

In order to get my baseball fix last week, I watched the old movie, Bull Durham, instead.  Love that movie.  During the movie, I enjoyed another sign of Spring...think about hits at the same time every Spring all over the US.

Aside from the weather and college baseball, Spring brings Girl Scout cookies!  Woohoo!  Mine were delivered by one of my riding students.  I bought eight boxes.  She sold 500.  Then, Dod and Rose ordered four more.  Why?  Because I don't care if I have eight boxes, I'm not sharing.

I have three favorite kinds of Girl Scout cookies.  I bought three of two kinds and two of the third kind.  They are mine, dadgumit.  Get your own! 

Of course I plan to share with Bart.  My parents have their own Girl Scout cookie connection.  But, outside my parents and Bart, you'd be hard pressed to get me to share my Girl Scout cookies.

Well, what about your brother?  I knew you'd ask that.  Damn, why'd I tell you I have a brother?  Oh yeah, his brotherly desire to keep me safe by advocating I wear a dead chicken on my head...I mean, a riding helmet.

My brother, Jack, has super human strength.  So, if he wanted to wrestle me out of my Girl Scout cookies, he could, unfortunately.  Fortunately, Jack and his wife, Mary, live in another country.  Ha ha!  Safe at last with my cookies! 

No, not another county.  Jack and Mary live in another country.  Why?  Because they can.  No, they aren't missionaries.  Jack would laugh so hard he might need adult diapers if someone asked him that.  So, everyone saves that question for me.  If you know my brother, Jack, you have no question that he's not missionary material.  He would definitely get thrown out of missionary school.

It's time to enjoy my day off now.  I'm actually going to the salon.  Yes, cowgirls go to the salon.  We're allowed in!

In fact, my hair stylist and manicurist are my Facebook friends, too.  So, they are cheering the blog on as they read this, I bet!  The blog link always gets posted on FB.

Today, those ladies are going to work their magic on me.  My hair won't look like Justin Beiber or Albert Einstein when Chelsea is done.  My hair gets really poofy just before a haircut.

And, I will be slightly blonder than is my natural color.  Yes, I am truly a natural blond.  Don't make any stupid jokes.  But, as we age, our blond needs a little perking up.  So, Chelsea will perk me up today. 

Yvette will get my feet in better shape, too.  I seldom get manicures anymore.  I just mess them up too fast.  Yvette keeps my feet pretty instead of my hands.  Flashy toe nails and all.  See, fooled you again!  Just 'cause my feet stay covered in boots all day doesn't mean there isn't flashy nail polish lurking beneath the leather!

Off I go!  Have a good day!  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your own Spring Things, too!

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