Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Damn Dog! Pip Update

Good Tuesday morning, everyone! Just a brief update to let you know that Pip is still with us. Damn involuntary reflexes of mine! But, you'd have missed the stories if he died, I bet.

People still tell me they miss my daily Mindy stories on Facebook. That's how I coped with Mindy's mishaps. I'd put a funny spin on them, which wasn't hard at all, and post it to my Facebook status. My friends who reveled in stories of Mindy's mishaps and my near insanity from it all are the ones who poked and prodded me til I did this blog.

Those people still tell me they miss hearing about Mindy.
I offered to pack her up and send her to them. But, I didn't get any takers.

Seems to be the same with Pip. They think the stories are funny but no one wants to dog sit him for the weekend. I can't say that I blame them.

But, he's up. He's staggering. He's eating. He's decided he likes to eat in the laundry room only now. Wouldn't eat in the kitchen when Bart tried to feed him in there.

Good, maybe he'll take up 24 hour residence in the laundry room. Then, I can sleep through the night at Bart's! I haven't been to visit the boys yet, but I'm sure I'll be over there soon enough.

Maybe I'll buy into Bart's argument not to "force" Pip to do anything next time he tries to keel over?

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