Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Winds of Complication - Part Two

Hey there, friends!  It's Sunday, I know.  But, I'm still talking about Saturday here.  This is a part two to yesterday.  You may want to start with "The Winds of Complication" instead of just picking up the story line here.  But, it's up to you, of course.

So, early Saturday morning, I was somewhat anxiously anticipating a complicated day because of the 15-20 mph winds.  I was also planning to save the best til last.  Cowgirl Slim's lesson, of course.

It's the highlight of my Saturday.  I keep thinking of the most complicated stuff I can teach her to do and she keeps asking for more!  Who wouldn't love that? 

Slim's lesson is usually in the morning.  Saturday, there was a slight change to that's where we pick the story up...enjoy!

Cowgirl Slim's lesson has been pushed to the last lesson of the day today.  We'll both be tired by then.  So, she'll have her choice of horses to ride.  Chief has to be butt wormed again...he pooped it out again last week and I didn't have anymore Protol on hand.  So, today, here we go again!

Chief is a little spooky in the wind.  By the time lunch rolls around and we have time to worm him, well, he will have been fasting for 19 hours.  Last time we kept the wormer in him, it took 20 hours of fasting.  Holy moly!  Can you say that horse is full of sh*t?  Literally!

I don't anticipate Chief being happy to go riding at the end of the day after such a long fast.  I anticipate he will want to eat and eat and eat some more.  So, the piggy horse probably ends up with a day off on a busy Saturday.  I bet he planned it that way!

I anticipate Cowgirl Slim will choose Speakeasy or Milagro.  Speakeasy will be very happy with that choice or being turned out to snack on his hay.  Milagro will not be happy if she's chosen.  It will be a wild ride and Slim will love it.  Unless, of course, Slim is tired and just wants to work on some new equitation exercises.

I just got five new books of equitation exercises.  The only people excited about this are me and Slim.  Everyone else doesn't really appreciate equitation the way we do.  When I flipped through the new books...last pages first of course...holy cow!

I called Slim and said, "I got those new equitation books."  She was so excited, until my next sentence, "The exercises are really hard.  No one is going to be able to do these but you.  And, you'll really have to work at it."

Slim responded crescent-fallen, "Oh." Then, "Oh no.  If you think they're hard, they must be really hard."

"Well, you're always asking me to give you something new and something harder than you've done before.  These books are certainly harder than what you've been doing.  But, truthfully, that was about mid-way through one of the books.  I thought that's where I'd start.  It turns out those are the advanced Western exercises.  The English exercises take up most of the book.  That makes it a little better.  At least those are advanced exercises.  I thought I was looking at intermediate stuff."

This re-framing of the exercises seemed to make Cowgirl Slim feel a little better.  She assured me she'd be here on time this morning and we hung up.  She's a teenager after all and it was Friday night.

I'll let you know how those new equitation exercises work out.  Fortunately, deeper in the pile of new books were some more realistic exercises for the majority of my clients.  Most of my clients are no where near Slim's level of riding skill.

As sweet as most of my clients are, there's only one Slim right now.  Cowgirl Can-Do and one other girl are on the horizon, but they aren't a Cowgirl Slim yet.  Nope, the wind has only blown one Cowgirl Slim my way.

So, we'll see how it goes.  There may be a story to tell after today.  Who knows?

I know I'm happy for the two new clients.  I'm happy for the jam-packed day.  I'm happy all of my horses, staff, and family are healthy.  What more could I ask for?  Not much.

Thanks for reading! Remember, wind is only good for sailing a boat, flying a kite, chiming wind chimes, or turning a wind turbine to get us off of fossil fuels.  Yeah, that last one is a recent addition to my wind theory!  So, I hope the wind that may be blowing in your area isn't causing you problems, but making your day lovely instead.


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